Oyado KEI / お宿 敬

KYOTO GUESTHOUSE Oyado KEI is an authorized accommodation.

Our property is a renovated house that is only thirty year old. It is a mixture of Japanese and Western styled rooms. Japanese -style rooms are now quite less than before, because when a house or an apartment is built, owing to the change of life style and its construction cost, most houses do not include any Japanese style room, not to mention about an alcove. Come and try the elegant atmosphere that an Alcove-facilitated room provides.

Our location is right in the central part of Kyoto with easy access to attractions of travel destinations. Restaurants, supermarkets, convenient stores are everywhere near-by. We specially offer extravagant Japanese style beddings that were made to order in our neighborhood. We provide the quality beddings in hope that our guests can enjoy good sleep using Japanese style beddings, which we call ‘OFUTON’ in Japanese. Two of our coverlets are made of pure silk, which is said to be light and warm in cold weather and light and refreshing in hot weather. The other bedding are made of mainly cotton, are also soft and comfortable, and of special good quality.


Our guesthouse is located 7 minutes from Omiya station of Hankyu Railway. Omiya is one of most convenient places in Kyoto for travel.

Way of access:

- 11 minutes from JR Kyoto Station--take bus route 28 / 9 and get off at Horikawa-matsubara bus stop, walk for 3 minutes.

- 50 minutes from Osaka – take a JR train to Kyoto Station and take a bus of route 28/ 9 and walk for 3 minutes or take a Hankyu railway train to Omiya and walk for seven minutes.


ZipCode : 600-8393, JAPAN

Location : 415-1, Karigane-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan.


- beddings, pillows, and linens
- shared Chatting room
- shared common bath room with body soap, shampoo and rinse, and make-up remover
- Air conditioning
- Free wifi
- shared hair dryers
- self-catering kitchen with microwave oven, electric pot, rice cooker, and etc..
- free coffee and tea